Katie G

Katie G Drake is a normal, everyday girl. At least, that’s what she tells everybody. 

In her own mind though, she’s not ordinary. She’s amazing. She’s far more intelligent than everyone else in the world! That is, until the Aliens arrive and things change. 

Something is wrong with all the adults and Katie really is more intelligent than all the adults in the world! But what’s wrong with her parents? What can Katie and her friends do to sort things out and who is the mysterious alien who wants to help?

Katie G and the Aliens is the first of a planned series of books. At the moment the first draft is finally completed and the second draft has been started! Read on to see the surrent status!

Book 1 - Current Status

Second Draft – 100% Re-read
Second Draft – 19% Re-Write

Original Word Count – 62,539

Current Word Count – 66,098

First Draft – Complete!

Original word count – 54,144

Final word count – 62,539