Well, obviously, I didn’t mean to be away this long!

Honestly, I had the best of intentions with this blog! I was planning on updating regularly, adding interesting new stuff every week at least, always keeping it going, making you all laugh and cry at my deep and meaningful blog posts.

Yeah, guess it didn’t quite go according to plan.

Sorry about that!

Needless to say, things in Real Life got in the way. Work got busier, I got distracted by several other things, I read a LOT of new books and my own subconscious tried to stop me from doing anything to do with the book.

Plus, I got into playing No Mans Sky, so there’s that as well!

No Mans Sky Logo

I mean, it’s a fun game and all, but certainly no excuse for me not staying on track for what I want to accomplish!

(Although, the new update is fun and did get my attention for a few weeks as well)


I’m back!

I have no excuse for it, but I’m back now and I have even been working on the book! Unfortunately, I got in my own head again and the dreaded Imposters Syndrome struck hard, making me second-guess everything I’d written and it pushed me away from it for a while. I have really struggled to get the motivation to work on the second draft over the past few months and it took me getting a massive telling-off from my daughter to push me back to it!

Honestly, it’s not fair when your 20 year old daughter uses your own words against you! I’m sat looking sheepish whilst she’s ranting at me, pointing out that if she had ever said the things to me that I’ve been saying to myself I would have told her to get her head out of her ass and remember the family motto….

Never give up! Never surrender!

I know, it’s cheesy as hell and I got it from the excellent movie Galaxy Quest, but it’s something we’ve always told our kids. Don’t give up! Don’t surrender! Don’t let yourself give up on something you really want! It might be hard at times to do, but keep sight of your dreams and work hard at them and you can achieve it if you keep on pushing and don’t surrender, whether that’s to an outside force or to your own inner demons! You can do it.

Now imagine that being said to you in a forceful manner by an annoyed 20 year old and realising you have no answer to it because it’s all the same things you’ve said to them in the past!

Darn kids and their logic, using my own words against me!

After that, I took a deep breath and dove into it and over two or three days, wrote about 4000 words for an extra chapter in the book I’d been thinking about for a while. You can see the progress on the Katie G page.

If you are reading this, Faith……thank you. 🙂


Stop making excuses and avoid author procrastination

Procrastination is, sadly, something I’m very good at. I can easily find a million ways to distract myself from doing something I’m supposed to be doing, be it movies, TV shows, games, books, whatever, but as the tiles say, stop making excuses, Steve!

Plus, I have a week off work next week so I can get back to it properly!

Stay with me, people, I’m still here. And this time I’m not going to give up! Or surrender!


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